May 22, 2010

Water Table

I bought Abby this water table at Wal-mart hoping to find something easy we could do outside that allowed us to stay on the porch and didn't require a swimsuit! This water table is perfect! It is just her height and she can really control how much water she gets into- from splashing to pouring water on herself.
I can sit in my lawn chair and watch her play!

Well, that is, when she doesn't kick me out!

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Tabriah said...

Smart decision to buy only the water table. We received the sand and water table as a gift for the girls. I foolishly rushed out and bought the sand for it and now my house is like a beach house, minus the lulling ocean waves and the beautiful view. Just sand everywhere. I also bought two mini verisions of your retro chairs yesterday at Lowe's. I didn't see red though. Kiersten loves it, I can't get her out of it. I couldn't get her out of at the store either; although Matt did not enjoy putting it together. :) He needed much smaller hands.


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