May 18, 2010


About once a week we will have family night at Chick-fil-A. Abby eats well there- thank goodness their nuggets are cooked in REFINED peanut oil. No allergies!
After eating she will explore the playground with Marcus and has finally managed to climb up to the top. She won't go down the slide by herself yet, but is inching closer! On our last trip, she discovered our ice cream cone and Marcus shared his with her on the way home. She wouldn't give it back so we put her in her high chair to eat it. It was fun to watch!
She didn't realize she could eat the cone and would squish the cone up into her face trying to lick out more ice cream. Then she asked for a spoon to help her out.

The Chick-fil-A drive thru just isn't going to cut it anymore. She knows the place now!


The McKnight's said...

Chick fil A was (and still is) Chloe's favorite place to eat! When she was two, she would cry because she wanted to go eat at "Chicken lake"...and we have called it that ever since!

The Two Sillies said...

We call it "Chickalay"... thanks to our friend's grandson. And we heart Chickalay.


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