May 20, 2010

Bath Time = Fun Time

This is my favorite Abby- the clean wet happy baby who wants to be wrapped up in my arms. I love the couple of minutes I get with her after Daddy has bathed her. I wish it lasted longer, but she is happy to get a little love and then wants to run around her room naked finding the perfect place to pee! She gets us every time! Before I wrap her in her green towel she is a wild bath time banshee with her Daddy. They recently started playing hide and seek with the shower curtain liner. You can just see the love she has for him!
She has so much fun that after dinner every night she says "ba" and lifts her shirt telling us she wants to go to the bathtub.

1 comment:

We are the Guerra's! said...

Uh oh, you have a water baby on your hands! Billa loves baths too and they are her special moment with her daddy too. And afterwards, she always calls for me to come pick her up and hold her for a moment. [sigh] I will be so sad when the day comes that she takes showers and doesn't want a post bath snuggle!


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