June 22, 2010

Date Night with Doughnuts

So, Marcus and I hired a sitter to see his cousin's band play at a new club Friday night. He ended up seeing his cousin for dinner ahead of the gig instead, so we had a date night! Since Marcus missed out on Gordough's last time I went, we started our date with doughnuts! This is heavenly hash- a doughnut topped with marshmallow cream, fudge (as in the real stuff that is normally sweet and rich enough on its own) and fudge sauce and chocolate chips. Way too rich for me! I had Granny's Pie with pecans, caramel, bananas and graham crackers. Also, way too rich. I swear next time I am just having the cinnamon sugar doughnuts.
We had planned to go to a cool little coffee shop afterward to read, but it was packed. So, we drove to a coffee shop we'd never been in and it was just weird. It had an Asian theme? I've not seen such a thing before... as in the decor, menu fonts, and music. So, we ended up at the Mexican food restaurant next door. It was late, so it was dead. We had a drink and read.... of course, I was reading via ibooks on the iPad.

Fun night!

Saturday after Abby went down, we rented a movie. I honestly haven't rented a movie with Marcus in years. Redbox is pretty cool. It cost us $1.08 for the movie and was easy to get and return. Nice! We watched The Hangover. It was much better than I thought it would be. Very funny!


Ms. W said...

Loving the Redbox too! I love that you can return the movie to any Redbox and "there's an app for that".

Being Billingsley said...

CANNOT believe you watched Hangover! I love it!!

Hope to see you soon!



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