June 30, 2010

Jeff Dunham Date

Saturday night Marcus and I enjoyed going downtown for dinner and a comedy show. It is such a blessing to have a grandparent in town that wants to spend time with Abby. We recognize what a blessing this is for Abby and for our marriage. We typically use her once a month, but have a busy summer with lots of Nana time coming up! Since we were going to be downtown, we used the excuse to eat dinner at my very favorite restaurant- Moonshine Patio Bar and Grill. I love it because it is good food that your Mama would make, but your Mama is a really good cook! We had homemade potato chips with sour cream dip, green chile macaroni and buffalo meat loaf, and shared a brownie with chocolate malt ice cream.
They serve their drinks in authentic Ball mason jars. I love it!
They also bring out seasoned popcorn to every table before your meal. Oh, and you get jalapeno cheese cornbread.

We timed it perfectly- and got to our seats about 10 minutes early. Jeff Dunham was hilarious! We've seen him on Comedy Central numerous times. He is a ventriloquist with a variety of "dolls". He does a great job of making them tell inappropriate jokes and then looking at them like they need to behave and then look back at him like, "have you forgotten you control me". It is funny!

Here is a link to lots of Jeff Dunham videos on You Tube.

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Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Neal said...

Oh He is funny!! I would love to see him or another ventriliquist live!


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