June 09, 2010

Tubes and Mystery Illness

We got the call around lunchtime yesterday that Abby's tubes would happen Wednesday morning at 6 AM. A few hours later, Abby's school called telling me she was running a fever, not eating and wanted a second nap where she just stared at the wall for 45 minutes. I left work, Marcus cancelled his business dinner and this was our baby. She was running a fever of 100-101, very lethargic, and disassociated from everything. She also had a mild rash on her torso, face and feet. The pediatrician's office told us they thought it was viral (since she was on antibiotics still) and to give her Tylenol if it reached 102. The surgeon said to bring her in if it stayed below 101. She didn't eat much dinner, went to bed normally, and was up just a few time sduring the night, possibly from the storm. We left the house at 5:30 with a fevered and lethargic baby for tubes. The general consensus of the nurses and doctors was that she has a viral infection coming on or was having another antibiotic reaction and the tubes were the timely solution to get her ears better and take her off the medication.
We did get a couple of lively moments while waiting on the doctors. Abby wore her special princess pajamas from our friend Johnna for surgery. I wanted all who met her to know how special she is.

Dr. Briggs came out after 8 minutes and we waited another 10 or so while they woke her up and came to get us. The absolute worst part was the taking her away from us crying. The best part, was feeding her milk in recovery.

We drove through CFA for breakfast and dropped off her prescription for drops and then came home. I took a nap and Abby slept on Marcus for another 2 hours. She woke up a much happier baby. Love bedhead at lunchtime!

This afternoon Marcus napped and Abby and I had her fitted for ear plugs for swim lessons next week and since she was feeling well, we went to McDonalds to play.
We have a brand new McDonald's near our home and this is their playground and isolated play area. It is amazing! The toddler area is below the big kids steps and just perfect for her.

It has been a ROUGH 24 hours, but I think we are on the mend! Ears are better and the fever has disappeared. Who knows what was attacking her system! Abby should be back at school tomorrow and ready for swimming on Monday.


We are the Guerra's! said...

I'm so glad to hear everything worked out. Saying some prayers that those tubes do their thing and no more ear infections!!!

Tabriah said...

Glad she is feeling better. Kiersten started developing a rash with every cold about this age. They can't explain it, now she gets a rash and then the cold...but, they told me I could use Benadryl for them. I don't like mystery rashes...I hope she doesn't get anymore of them.

The Gumpls said...

so glad she is doing well after the ear tube surgery!!!!


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