June 02, 2010

Down the Tubes

We met with Abby's pediatrician this morning after breakfast at Chick-fil-A to follow-up on her ear infection and that nasty little booger is still around. Her pain tolerance must be so high- she is happy and easy with a bad ear infection in one ear and what appears to be some fluid in the other ear. As a side note (to make me feel better in case you are judging), the infections are coming from internal drainage and not external water like the bathtub or swimming pool. Collectively, we made the decision to have tubes put in her ears. It seems every time she gets runny nose, an ear infection follows. Since she doesn't show signs of an infection, we miss it until it is really bad. Her allergy to a class of antibiotics makes fighting it hard and twice now we have come back to the doctor after doing a round of medicine and it is still there.
We also discovered that her ear drum had ruptured due to the pressure last weekend. We were at lunch with our Moms in town and Abby threw up her milk which was strange. Then, when we put her in car after lunch we noticed her right ear was FULL of drainage. It was nasty- something only a mother could tolerate :) Since we were running other errands, I used a ball point pen wrapped in a wipe to clean it all out. She sat still and let me.

Yea, so that was what was in her ear that popped out when the pressure was too much and the drum busted. I thought Marcus was going to cry when she told us that. He felt awful. We are surely first time parents- we apparently should have called her so that we could have applied antibiotic drops to her ear. I'm always so nervous to call on silly stuff and just thought the medicine was working and the drainage coming out was a good thing. She sure felt better afterward!

We have our tubes consultation on Friday afternoon and will schedule the surgery soon after.


The McKnight's said...

Hope she is feeling better soon...We were just at the dr. with Trinity this morning for her ears...keep us updated on the tubes...i have a feeling we will be in the same boat soon!

~kristi said...

The pain stops when the eardrum ruptures. It is complelty numb. The pain before is pretty rough though, (this is from my own experience) not sure why she would have thrown up. Tell Marcus the girls do the same thing we have no idea they are in pain except from the fever and no appetite. no one is judging.

We are the Guerra's! said...

She probably threw up because her equilibrium might have been off kilter from the drum bursting. Bless your hearts! It made me want to cry reading all that! Never fear though, my husband had the same thing happen to him as a kid, tubes and antibiotic allergy and all. And now look, he's big and strong and has the hearing of a German Shepherd. I swear, that man can hear ANYTHING! Keeping you in my prayers!


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