June 29, 2010

Happy 18 Months Abby Lu

This is Abby just one year ago.... Wow! I love to look back and "see" her. I can absolutely look at this picture and see how she morphed into the 18th month old she is. I was certain she wouldn't get better, cuter or more fun. I was wrong!
Here are a few highlights of our 18 month old:

  • We love practicing animal sounds right now and have added "chomp chomp" for an alligator and "rawr" for a lion.
  • We are also learning some sounds and colors- we have a toy barn with the letters ABCD that fit in holes the shape of the letters and she knows which letter is which and will make the sound and pick up the correct letter. C was the hardest, but she has done it a couple of times now. We also work on colors (red, blue, pink and green) on her flowers above her changing table.
  • We walk and run everywhere! She seldom asks to be lifted up.
  • Abby loves playing hide and seek and will walk out of her room and hide just aorund the corner. When you walk around the corner, she just laughs and moves around to the next corner.
  • We love pointing out body parts- nose, ears, eyes and cheeks. We'll often hold our breath and puff our cheeks out. When she points to your cheek, you "pop" open your mouth. She has learned how to make that popping noise, too.
  • Kisses and love abound! Abby gives kisses, eskimo kisses, blows kisses, gives hugs and can also give love (head in your shoulder). During dinner, she'll pull my arm so that I lean into her and she'll then put her head on my arm. It is very sweet.
  • We love church now and even say "church". We are beginning to work on praying before meals and at bedtime and learning to say "amen".
  • We have our 18th month check up in a few weeks. No issues since tubes 2 weeks ago with our ears.
  • Abby is wearing some 12-18 month clothing, but mainly 18-24 month clothing, size 4 shoes, and a size 4 diaper. She is losing her baby belly and I think her round baby face is really transforming into a little girl's face. I expect our first real haircut in the next month.

We are madly in love and can't imagine a day when we didn't have her!

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Happy Day Abby Lu!


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