June 18, 2010

Chillin' at the Mall

There will come a day when Abby wants to just be dropped off at the mall and not see us until the parking lot hours later. I dread that day, so we cherish fun family time at the mall and love that they installed a new carousel! We bought 3 rides for $5 and I did the first time with her. It honestly went fast in my mind and I made Marcus do the next two. I was seriously dizzy! Then, we let Abby roam the fun playground. Going there about once a month we've really been able to see her progress at this playground. She has played with the baby toys, crawled, talked with a boy in his car, learned to slide on her own, walked and now this! She got into the rocket ship on her own!
Daddy normally hovers over her in settings like this.

Ta-Da! I did it!

Daddy was definetely not hovering this time :)

Way to go Abby!


Tabriah said...

seriously cute post about Abby but all I can think about are those shoes...what is he thinking???

We are the Guerra's! said...

OMG, I love love LOVE that first picture...are you sure she's not dissing you guys already? Seriously, I think I am going to have to go die of cute overload over here. Abby is too precious!


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