June 13, 2010

Fun with Kiersten and Kaylinn

Look at this precious little girl who loves to be upside down! Kaylinn and her big sister Kiersten (and their parents Tabriah and Matt!) came over Saturday afternoon for pool time and we all grilled dinner! Marcus mowed the lawn and set up the pool and water table. The Jenks' water park is open for business :)
Our newest attraction- the octopus! I found him at Kohl's for $7. Perfect to try out!

The Dads ran through the water with the baby girls who just giggled in love! Funny story- while Matt and Marcus were standing off to the side talking, Abby picked up the octopus and unknowingly pointed the top part right at them soaking them both!

Thank goodness we had 3 cups for the girls to pour water in and out. It never gets old!

After all the play time, we managed to have a nice conversation over dinner with 3 kids under the age of 3, an unexpected surprise!

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Tabriah said...

They had a great time!! Thanks for having us! :)


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