June 08, 2010

Abby's New Pool

We pulled out Abby's pool this week and I wonder if we'll go 24 hours without her in it for the next 3 months. It has so many fun activities- she can slide, be sprayed, roll balls down the side, throw balls through the rings, float around, walk and lay in the shallow water! We placed it under the shade tree, so it is just perfect for post-nap fun! We'd love playmates to come join her. Anyone up for the pool?


Mary Kate said...

We'd love to come...just wish we lived closer!!! Cool pool!

Brian and Carrie said...

We would love to come play! That pool is awesome!

Tabriah said...

I've got two that would love it...we could bring ours and they could hop back and forth between them. :)

The Gumpls said...

YES what days work best for you? Let's get LE and Bella too!


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