June 06, 2010

Glorious Sunday

It was a glorious Sunday morning for us as Abby walked from the car into church and to her classroom without any fuss. We have waited and prayed for this day for about a year. We have left her screaming, had them pull her from our arms, missed half our class playing with her to ease her in, tried dropping her off solo, and even been paged and brought her upstairs to our class. This Sunday, she wanted to go! No bottom lip when we entered the building or crying when we entered the kids area. We want our baby girl to love the Lord, to rejoice in her time with Him and to want to learn about Him. This is a big step toward that- when your child hates your church, Satan has a big door to walk in and remove the whole family from church. I am so grateful we are beyond that stage!
After church, we walked through the Garden of Hope on our church grounds. It is a beautiful flower garden with a waterfall and this meaningful sculpture. Abby sat right down and wouldn't take her eyes off Jesus.

If she only knew how long he has been holding our hands, and

walking beside us.

Marcus has spent his lunch hour in this garden more than once where he prayed for a little baby girl to walk around with him.

Today, that baby girl held his hand as they walked around the garden smiling at her Daddy the whole time.

A glorious Sunday, indeed!


Becky J said...

We share the glories.

The Two Sillies said...

What a glorious life and we are so thankful to share it with you ....

~kristi said...


Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Neal said...

What a Beautiful Day!!

Bridget said...

I just cried my eyes out reading this post! To see your beautiful little girl holding hands with Jesus is glorious indeed!

The Gumpls said...

WOW!!!! How wonderful! So happy for ya'll!


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