June 10, 2010

Mystery Illness Solved

I called the pediatrician this morning to see if I need to bring Abby in since the small red bumps were still there although the fever was gone and the antibiotics were out of her system. They looked her over and explained she has a viral infection that she likely picked up on Tuesday and was on the last leg. These little bumps look like ant bites and are all over her! They expect them to go away in the next few days. Poor thing, she had to go through surgery while sick!
I'm just glad it wasn't Roseola or Hand-Foot-Mouth. Both of those would have been more serious and required more time out of school. Momma needs to get some work done!

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We are the Guerra's! said...

Billa had roseola at about 8 months old and that was a nightmare, only because she had a high fever for more than three days that left me freaked out! I'm so glad Abby is much better and on the mend. It's rough when your little heart is hurting!


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