June 05, 2010

ENT Consult Appointment

We met with Dr. Briggs this afternoon and he agreed with our pediatrician's recommendation to put tubes in her ears. It is such a minor procedure and should eliminate the ear infection cycle we are stuck in! Not only is her right ear still infection (week 3), he could see the damage from the ruptured ear dum, and her left ear had fluid building. His office had some FUN waiting room toys and Abby enjoyed hanging out in there. She played with another little girl in the room who was so kind to hand Abby her ball over and over as Abby threw it around. Abby loved her.
Being in the patient room required more creative thinking from Mom and Dad to keep her occupied. Daddy came up with a great toy! A blown up glove makes a funny balloon.

We are expecting a call on Monday to schedule the surgery for next week. We want to get them in before swim lessons the following week.


Angie said...

Ahh, yes - the glove balloon. Had to make one of these when our son was visiting the cardiologist. Scary stuff! He is fine and hope your procedure will make Abby better too.

Anonymous said...

Sending lots n lots of love, hugs & prayers to you all ! dad & jac


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