June 01, 2010

Classic Summer Weekend

This has been a great Memorial Day weekend with sunshine, swimming, Shrek and summer foods!
Kyleigh and my Mom spent the weekend with us. K is like a second Mom to Abby and was so helpful! I took her to Target before she left and let her pick out anything she wanted to say thank you. She picked shoes- that's my girl! We swam for 2 hours on Saturday and 3 hours on Sunday. We bought Abby a $2 float at HEB and she is so happy in it. She doesn't talk- she just sits back and takes it all in. Very unlike her!
She loved dropping the diving sticks and having Kyleigh get them and bring them back to her. She loved it unless Kyleigh took off too fast and splashed all over her. Then she smiled and coughed. I might get a tan this summer!

Saturday night we ordered pizza and when Abby went down we snuck off to see Shrek 3D while Mom stayed home with Abby. It is a cute movie and the 3D was fun.

Surprisingly, there were maybe 20 people in the theater. I was expecting a crowd!

Sunday after church we grilled burgers and had Chocolate Chip pie! After swimming and naps, we had fried chicken and crashed early. All fun stuff! Hope your weekend was also wonderful!

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