June 05, 2010

Party Girl

I feel like the headline of every weekend should be Fun Filled Saturday! We are so blessed to have so much fun together! We took Abby to the park this morning to swing before it got too hot. She could "weeee ing" for hours. We cap it at 30 minutes! She just chills, doesn't speak, doesn't move, and smiles. We'll ask her "more?" and she'll sign more or say "weee ing". We left the park and ran to Target for various necessary items including something to contain all the little toys taking over Abby's room. We found the classic plastic bins on the open bookshelf to be the best option. So, we came home and while she played in her room, we sorted toys, cleaned out some baby toys, and also pulled out her 18-24 month summer clothes.
After lunch and naps, we went to our friend and baby sitter's Mary's graduation party. Mary's Dad and Marcus are coworkers. Mary graduated from HS this morning and her parents threw a big party in their backyard this afternoon and evening. Abby took a few minutes to warm up!

Mary has a swimming pool, so Abby and Daddy took a little swim.

After the pool, Abby practiced drinking water from a real water bottle. You can see how strawberry blond her hair looks when wet in this picture. I love this color- it reminds me that God hears even the smallest requests.

After swimming, she spent lots of time on their hammock. It was her second of three swings of the day! She was a happy girl!

She also played with balls and decided to hang out in the ladder in their garage? Her poor little dress was too big! She is wearing 18 month clothes in most things, but this dress was just too big! Poor thing, Momma made her show off her ninnies all day!

We came home from the party in time for baths and bedtime! I hope everyone had a great summer Saturday!

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