June 24, 2010

Turtle Graduate

Abby completed her swim classes (Turtles) tonight and we honestly are all happy about that. I think we would have loved them more if I was a SAHM and we could do them earlier or if Abby had a later bed time. It was a lot to fit in each night and Abby was showing signs of stress. She was getting clingy and crying when we left the house. I think she really enjoys playing and watching Yo Gabba Gabba at night with us. She just didn't want to go. It really had nothing to do with swimming and more to do with leaving. She is wearing her Ear Band-it that was recommended by the ENT surgeon. It velcros in the back and makes it harder for her to pull her plugs out. We've already bought 2 pair and currently own 2 left ear plugs :)
Some of the skills she did learn: Abby can sit on the edge of the pool and when you count to 3, she will sometimes lean into you to "jump" in the pool. It can also work when she is standing up.

She also had fun walking up Marcus' chest and then him launching her into the pool from there.

We practiced kicking and being in the swim position a lot. She would kick every now and then, but not on command. We could also put a toy just out of Abby's reach and she would lean her arm out for it to mimic the swimming motion of scooping the water down.

This picture is deceiving- she did much better each class with Ms. Cindy than she did with us. She loved the attention her teacher gave her.

We now have some great tools and exercises to try with Abby at the pool on the weekends.


Being Billingsley said...

That whole swim lessons thing is tough! Did you guys pick a session that met every night?


The McKnight's said...

Oh wow! I have not heard of the "Ear band" but will be looking that up. We actually went to the dr. the other for her ears and she had swim ear...Thanks!!


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