June 03, 2010

Drinking from a Straw

At Abby's 15 month appointment, her pediatrician recommended that we transition her to a straw cup. I thought getting her to the hard topped cup was the goal, but she said the straw was best for her teeth and mouth formation. We've tried the cup on numerous occasions and it finally hit last weekend. So, at lunch this weekend she really wanted a "big girl" cup like we had. Panera had a small juice cup and it became her water cup. Since it was just water, I let her be more free and explore the cup and how spills happen :) She pulled the straw in and out and loved poking her finger in the straw hole and feeling the water.
She would turn it on it's side and watch the water move. She is still learning to drink without pulling the cup upside down. She did that a few times with her water cup at lunch and it spilled cold water on her. She learned real quick how cold the water was and how to make it spill or not spill. The look on her face when the ice cold water spilled inside her shirt was priceless!

Shaking the cup was also great fun for her. The sound of ice jiggling in the cup was pure joy!
This is classic, such an Abby face. She wanted to squeeze the cup and turned to not get caught by Daddy, but watched him out of the corner of her eye. So funny!

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We are the Guerra's! said...

That last picture is ADORABLE! I love that face. She's knows she is up to no good, that one! Good luck with the not tipping cups over while drinking thing...Billa's been drinking from a straw since about the same age, but she still tumps her cup up when it has a straw which is sooo frustrating!


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