June 28, 2010

Table Time

When Abby started eating rice cereal and baby food, she sat here.Once she discovered how easy it was to get out of the Bumbo, she moved to here. I love the idea of this chair, but the layer between the cloth and the plastic became a mess.

Once I discovered how much food was trapped inside the Fisher Price highchair, she moved to this. I consider this to be the best highchair out there- it is under $20 and cleans up super easy. It is light weight and easy to take apart and transport.

and now, we are moving to this! Amazing! In just one year! No wonder she sleeps so much- she is growing and learning all day long. I can't imagine how exhausting it is to try and figure out your surrounding, language and take in what you see when everything is new.
We were having real troubles with Abby in restaurants and we are an eat out family, so I wanted some solutions. We decided to make some changes at home to imitate dining out. We moved our dinner up a little and pushed Abby's back so that we all ate together. We had previously fed her about 5:45 and we ate around 7 when she was in bed. We also removed the tray from her red highchair and fed her on a plate, on a placemat at the table with us. We also seat her while we are preparing her food to teach her patience while waiting on her food. It all seems to be working- we've had a couple of really pleasant experiences.

With all of these changes, it feels like the time to move her to this seat. It attaches firmly to our dining room chair and attachs her to it. It will also help us push her up closer to the table and can travel with us so we can enjoy picnic lunches or eat at family gatherings easier.

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