June 17, 2010

Ms. Brandis

This is Abby and Ms. Brandis on her last day in the First Steps class. Today, she moves into the Get Set class of 18-24 month olds. They were planning to move Abby at the end of the month, but Brandis is on vacation for a week and a half and it seemed like a good time to make the move. You see, Abby has gotten mighty close to Ms. Brandis lately. It took a while to get her to move past Ms. Sandy! She wraps her arms around Ms. Brandis' leg and won't let go. She has to sit in her lap during story time. She holds her hand to go on the playground. The thought is that it will be easier for her to establish herself in her new class while Brandis is away and not next door.
I can't imagine being a teacher to 8 kids Abby's age. Brandis is so calm, cool, and collected. She can carry on a normal conversation during pick up while another kid is whaling for their parents. She handles Abby's drama so well. Luckily, Abby spends some time in her new class during the mornings, so her and Ms. Becky know each other already. And, the class is filled with her friends from the past year, including her boyfriend Evan. Oh brother!
We made Brandis a thank you gift and it turned out to be with her very favorite candy! I can't wait to see Abby this afternoon in the big classroom with all the new big kid toys! What a fun day she will have!

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