June 15, 2010

Swim Lessons 2010

Abby is taking swim lessons for the next 2 weeks for 30 minutes at a neighborhood pool. The options for a working Mom and swim lessons are pretty minimal, so we had to take the 6 PM slot which happens to fall right at dinner time!
I picked Abby up at 5 PM with her favorite foods hoping her love of them would outweigh her lack of hunger and the snacks would help us get past the swimming time. We had milk, cheese and animal crackers in the car going to swim lessons. She is going to be devastated in 2 weeks when this is over and I don't give her milk upon pick up! This class is for a parent and child. At their first class they practiced bouncing in the wat,er blowing bubbles and holding onto a parent while kicking. All good stuff!
She had moments of fun where she was paying attention and able to do what was being asked of her. She also had moments where her fit was distracting everyone. I think her ear plugs are a little too big- they seemed to be bugging her and we spent time putting them back in and digging them out of the pool. We'll be trying smaller plugs today and hope she tolerates them better.

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