June 27, 2010

Waterpark Picnic

We had a picnic lunch in our swimsuits with our friend Madeline on Saturday morning. We ate grilled cheese, baked Cheetos (Madeline's first time!), carrots, grapes and sugar cookies at our picnic. Both girls did a good job eating their lunch in a strange environment.
The girls played in the pool and water table. Madeline is 5 weeks younger than Abby, so they are a good match playing together. Madelines even taught Abby some new animal sounds. She knows what a goat says..... bl-ee-ee-ee-tt.

I hope these sweet girls are friends for a long time. I'm certain Madeline will keep Abby in line :)

1 comment:

Caroline and Madeline said...

Such sweet girls!!! Thank you again!


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