June 07, 2010

Ice Cream, You Scream!

After Abby's doctor's appointment on Friday, we all enjoyed an ice cream cone at Freddy's. Abby knew just what to do having had one cone before.
Since we were going home afterward, we let her have fun with it and not worry about melting, her bib, or the table. We had lots of wipes on hand and just rode home bare chested.

Her and Daddy were laughing at each other the whole time. Here she is showing him her mouthful of creamy goodness!

Don't let this face fool you, the following video shows how "spirited" she can be. We take the highs with the lows and love everything in the middle!

Be sure you watch it until the end- that is the best part!


Mary Kate said...

too funny...she wasn't happy about Daddy taking a bite of her cone was she??? cutie pie!!

Melissa said...

What a mean daddy! ; )

lindsay said...

this made my DAY. that is the cutest thing i have ever seen!

Tabriah said...

She was wanting him to fix her cone and he took a bite out of it...I don't blame her one bit!! I might have thrown it at him too!! That was HYSTERICAL! Matt and I both got a good laught out of that.


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